We are a forum of New Zealand design professionals dedicated to promoting the growth of sustainable design.

National Education & Professional Development Forum

9am-1pm 12 June 2009 GUEDO Office, Level 6, 45 Queen St, Auckland

This half day forum seeks to examine the current status of sustainable product development and design thinking in both educational and professional domains.

This forum will create a platform for leading academics and professionals to discuss the issues around improving capability and capacity in the New Zealand context. This material generated in this forum will be formulated into a structured series of recommendations to the government sector to better support the growth of sustainable design in New Zealand.

Programme Outline




Laying the Foundations for Sustainable Design

Miles Park (University of New South Wales, Senior Lecturer, Industrial Design) Download




The Status of Sustainable Design in New Zealand Education

Nicola Bould (Otago University, PHD candidate)   Presentation   |  Overview




The Eco Verification Initiative

Tim Strange (MED, Senior Advisor) Download




A Design Challenge

Timothy Allan (Principal, Locus Research) Download





The Future of the Sustainable Product Design Award – the Opportunity

Murray Pilcher (Burroughs Piltcher Design)



Getting Client Engagement

David Lovegrove (Head of Design, 4ormFunction) Download




Working in Education – Challenges & Opportunities

Cris de Groot (Senior lecturer Design and Visual Arts - Unitec New Zealand) Download




Environmental Management & Working with Product Development

Jake McLaren (Environmental Manager, Formway Furniture Limited) Download



Designers Accord, International Linkages & Resources

Peter Salmon (Director, Moxie Design Group)


Capability in the Professional Domain

John Hatrick-Smith (Design Specialist, Better by Design) Download



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