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Timothy Allann

Timothy Allan Principal, Locus Research

As a designer Timothy has been focussed in the area of product life cycle thinking and design research, Timothy founded Locus Research in 2002 to focus on Research and Development projects in a wide range of industry sectors. Timothy works in both the public and private sectors in research and commercial product development.

Timothy has been instrumental the creation of the Sustainable design award at the DINZ best awards, The research and investigation of sustainable design in the EU and NZ for MFE, the status of Life Cycle Inventory practice and applications for the Ministry of Research Science and Technology and the creation and delivery of the Life Cycle Thinking workshop series in 2008.




David Lovegrove

David Lovegrove Head of Design - 4ormFunction

David has been passionately working in the design industry for over 17 years. His design career began with icon New Zealand company Fisher & Paykel, before his overseas experience designing for Swatch Telecom, Phillips, Lucent-Bell Labs and several Formula 1 teams.In 1999 he founded 4ormfunction, which he has grown into a trans-disciplinary product design studio.

He has been performing a design for environment approach for his entire career, and is a strong believer in the design of products (and services) that have a positive social and environmental impact.




Kent Sneddon

Kent Sneddon Head of Design - Methven

After beginning his career with Peter Haythornthwaite Design, Kent then joined Fisher and Paykel appliances in 1997 starting with final detail design of the award winning Dishdrawer product then moving in to refrigeration and laundry products developing new concepts and processes through to production. Kent was later appointed Lead Designer -Future Products - Fisher and Paykel providing product concepts and prototypes to guide Fisher and Paykel future design direction and culture.

Kent is now Head Designer at Methven -well known for their award winning Satinjet Tahi and Kiri Shower Systems.



Cris De Groot

Cris De Groot Senior lecturer Design and Visual Arts - Unitec New Zealand

Dr. Cris de Groot is a product design and innovation specialist engaging in new product development and research across a variety of markets, including sports, giftware, domestic, and medical. Specific areas of expertise include user experience design and sustainable products. Cris is a senior lecturer at Unitec's Department of Design and Visual Arts.







John Hatrick-Smith

John Hatrick-Smith Design Specialist - Better by Design

John has over 30 years experience as a product designer most recently leading KOHLER Australasia's in-house New Product Development Programme.

He designed the well-known 'Gentle Annie' washing machine control panel technology (more recently known as the 'Smart Drive') at Fisher & Paykel and also developed the renowned WorkZone office furniture range for Criterion.

John helps the programme's clients use design strategically. He also works with the design community to ensure its skill levels are matched to the needs of business, with the aim of encouraging a ready supply of world class designers and design services.

Another focus is the education sector to make sure graduates of design, commerce and engineering courses are up to date with the design needs and capabilities of each profession.




Peter Salmon

Peter Salmon Director - Moxie Design Group

Peter is founder and Managing Director of Moxie Design Group. He has worked in the design industry for over 20 years, marrying the design discipline with sustainable development, and innovation programmes to deliver better human and environmental outcomes. He works with organizations to help them understand and respond to the growing ethical economy, providing insight and commentary on conscientious consumers and the markets they frequent.

Peter has driven the development and implementation of Moxie's sustainable business design tools and practice, working globally with ambitious companies and organizations.

 Peter is a member of the Sustainable Design Group of New Zealand's Sustainable Business Network, and is an advisor to  Sustainable Brands International.




Murray Pilcher

Murray Pilcher Burroughs Pilcher Design

Murray Pilcher first worked for Marks and Smythe Designers, and with Michael Smythe and Michael Penck established designforces in 1979. Burroughs Pilcher Design was set up in 1988. Projects have included museum and exhibition design, and a range of product designs that include agricultural, commercial, industrial electronic products, consumer electronics, and furniture.

He has been involved with the "betterbydesign" education programs, is a member of the Equip Design Integration Consultants, who are "design 360" provider, and also works with the strategic mentoring of companies who are in the "design360" programme.

Murray was the designer working with Furnware who won the 2005 Design in Business Innovation Award Specialist skills include ergonomics, user based design strategies, design process development, and sustainable product design.



Jake McLaren

Jake McLaren Environmental Manager Formway Furniture Ltd

Jake is an independent environmental management consultant specialising in assisting companies add value through sustainable product development and pro-active engagement with sustainability issues.

Since moving to New Zealand from the UK in 2006 he has developed a Life Cycle Management programme for Formway Furniture Ltd in Wellington, introduced sustainability into the NZTE Better by Design, Design Integration Programme, and delivered the Life Cycle Thinking workshop series together with Locus Research and UNITEC Hothouse.




Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown Chief Executive - Sustainable Business Network

SBN is a national network of businesses and organizations active in sustainability with over 800 members. Over the last year we have seen a real broadening out of sustainability thinking, from a focus on efficiencies to a movement for the creation of effective businesses.

SBN initiated and facilitates the Sustainable Design Working Group, with initial financial support from the Ministry for the Environment, and has been working with designers to help grow the capability of NZ designers and businesses so we can respond to this challenge. What is required is a lot of new thinking and massive redesign, and it's a good reminder that this is a journey - and a constant challenge for improvement. We, collectively, have to act now if we want a positive future.


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