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2009 Projects

The National Education and Professional Development forum

A meeting with key design firms and tertiary design schools to develop capability and capacity of the professional design community. Read more>

Sustainable Design Flowchart

A tool to be launched in July 2009 for businesses and designers to reference when developing products and services.

Regional Networking Events

Networking events to continue to build the community of New Zealand designers and business people with an interest in sustainable design.

The 48 Hour Design Challenge

An event where new and established designers work in interdiscipinary teams against the clock to address a sustainable design-orientated brief.

Our Vision

“To develop New Zealand's capability and capacity to research, develop and deliver sustainable products and services.”


  • To embed sustainable design thinking within NZ businesses
  • Develop capability and capacity of the professional design community
  • To enable the uptake of sustainable design thinking in tertiary education
  • Foster collaboration between key stakeholders in sustainable design
  • Educate and communicate the value of Sustainable Design
  • To be a catalyst in the Sustainable Design space in NZ



  • Communicating on the value of sustainable design to the wider community
  • Advising on government policy to improve delivery and uptake of sustainable product design (SPD)
  • Developing linkages with international community in the area of SPD
  • Networking with stakeholders in NZ and growing the group
  • Working to promote the general update of SPD



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